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Rated for the job

RED-E-DUCT components are encased in Contech’s proprietary high compressive strength, fluidized thermal concrete, and is manufactured under controlled conditions at Contech’s certified fabrication facilities. The result is a new benchmark for performance to support critical underground infrastructure.

Superior Thermal Resistivity

RED-E-DUCT offers low, consistent thermal resistivity (Rho values) that can help power engineers design power distribution systems with greater confidence and reduced costs. RED-E-DUCT’s low thermal resistivity adds peace of mind by reducing the risk of premature cable failure due to inadequate backfills, poor installation practices and high thermal temperatures.

Conduits are surrounded by Contech’s proprietary high strength thermal concrete that provides a stable environment that protects expensive high voltage cables.

Low concrete thermal resistivity for better thermal performance

Low thermal resistivity (Rho values) gives designers peace of mind to select the proper cable size, potentially reducing cable costs without compromising design integrity.

Heavy Load Performance

Rated to Accommodate HS20 and HL93 Truck Load Conditions

All RED-E-DUCT components are encased in high compressive strength concrete. The high-strength concrete, coupled with the patented shear key joint design ensures the installed system will perform under load conditions imposed by heavy truck, crane, rail, roadway traffic, or earth cover. 

All RED-E-DUCT installations meet the load performance requirements defined by HS20 and/or HL93 specifications without requiring supplemental reinforcement.

Patented Joint System

The patented joint system utilized by RED-E-DUCT offers the right solutions for both watertight and non-watertight applications, without the need for epoxies, solvents, or glues.


An integrated gasket within the conduit bell housing seals against the spigot, providing reliable, permanent watertight protection.


A separate bell/spigot slip joint is used where watertight joints are not required.

Integrated Shear Key

A unique, integrated shear key feature ensures that joined RED-E-DUCT sections will withstand shear forces at each joint location. The unique shear key design permits proper joint deflection to accommodate poor soil beds or future settlement issues.

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Power Transmission & Distribution

Duct Bank Installation 

Installed in front of a bank entrance, RED-E-DUCT was used in
conjunction with cast-in-place duct bank to significantly reduce
construction time. Speed of installation reduced the impact to
local businesses.

Power Transmission & Distribution

Duct Bank Installation 

RED-E-DUCT Precast Duct Bank was utilized to reduce overall site construction time. A crew of four was able to install 60 feet of linear duct bank per hour. Horizontal and vertical runs were installed, including precast Stub-Ups containing rigid galvanized conduits.

Industrial Facility

Duct Bank for Fiber and Power Cable

RED-E-DUCT Precast Electrical Duct Bank was used to carry fiber and power cables serving a water treatment plant, significantly reducing the time and cost of installation.

Oil, Gas & Chemical

Duct Bank Infrastructure Under Access Roads   

RED-E-DUCT Precast Duct Banks were installed under and alongside site access roads in multiple locations. RED-E-DUCT became a perfect solution where site conditions required managing a high-water table and rapid installation, ensuring road closures and site disruptions were kept to a minimum.